Underground Oil Tanks: Myths vs. Facts
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Old underground oil tanks can be costly for homeowners if they are not removed before an issue occurs. There are sometimes myths, or assumptions, when it comes to having an underground oil tank on your property. We’ve decided to get to the bottom of 3 common myths in order to save you and your home from further liability and damage.

Myth: Tanks Are “Indestructible”

Many homeowners are under the impression that metal oil tanks will never wear down. Unfortunately, this myth is far from reality. There are many factors which can cause potential leaks. Many tanks consist of iron-based metals that become compromised by corrosion. Corrosion eventually creates holes in the tank that cause petroleum to leak into the environment. Once a leak has occurred, a professional oil tank removal service, such as JS Tank Removal, should be contacted immediately; a speedy repair can help to minimize environmental damage. Storage tank removal consists of pumping out the tank, a comprehensive cleaning, a thorough inspection, and excavation. Upon extraction, the surrounding soil must be appropriately screened for contamination. Next, all piping is evaluated and subsequently removed, capped off, or left in place. Excavations are then filled in with soil and restored. All removed tank contents, piping, and debris are properly disposed of.

Myth: Inspections Are Rip-offs

Tank and soil inspections should never be written off as unnecessary. These tests provide helpful data that a professional team can use to diagnose a leaking oil tank. Plus, these tests allow for early detection and quick containment of a new leak. Our certified and experienced technicians ensure all contaminated soil and water are removed properly while taking protective measures to reduce property disruption and damage. All services are in accordance with the Maryland Department of Environment (MDE) and petroleum-impacted soil and water are properly disposed of. Our environmental remediation service is in place to eliminate radiation sources and help protect the environment.

Myth: Tank Removal Is Pointless or Unnecessary

The consequences of abandoning an oil tank are immense. In the short term, a tank leak can ruin a property. If left unchecked for a period of time, leaks can reach deep into local ground water, poison nearby streams, and destroy natural habitats.

JS Tank Removal is a dependable tank removal, remediation, installation service in Maryland and the District of Columbia. You can count on our team for speedy and reliable oil tank services. Contact us today for a free quote.

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