Maryland Real Estate Agents: Buying a Home with an Underground Oil Tank
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If your client is interested in purchasing a home with an underground oil tank, it’s important to recognize a problem where it exists. After a number of years underground, storage tanks will naturally begin to spill petroleum contents if they aren’t empty. In order to help you identify an issue, here are three telltale signs of oil tank leakage.

If the home’s heating bills have been starting to rise, it is quite possible that the tank is spilling oil. However, it is important to take other variables into consideration. Have the current residents been using more heat? Is the home as heat-efficient as it could be? Try to look into these factors as much as possible. All of this data may not be easily accessible; however, these are important questions to at least attempt to inquire about.

Second, take note of any signs of oil leakage on the property or in the home. For example, does the groundwater have an oil sheen? Are you picking up smells either inside or outside of the home? If so, you should have the tank tested.

Finally, check for dead vegetation near or above the oil tank. Tank spills will have a negative effect on the soil, which is unhealthy for any plants. If the soil on the property has been contaminated, it will show in the growth of greenery.

If you believe the tank may be leaking, you should advise your client to address this issue prior to closing on the home. Luckily, JS Tank Removal offers premier tank remediation services; offering expert testing, cost recovery measures, ground water and soil remediation, and oil tank cleanup. Call 301-952-TANK (8265) today for a free quote.

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