Get your Home Heating System Fall and Winter Ready
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Fall is officially here, and that means it’s time to cozy up to colder weather, especially if you live in the state of Maryland. Even though the summer weather still seems to be lingering behind, once the cold weather hits it can be very hard on you, your home, and your heating system.


Ensuring your home is a cozy, warm haven for you and your family is an important part of preparing for winter. If you are using heating oil to heat your home, a little extra care and attention goes a long way in making sure you’re stress-free for the next two seasons.


A few winter preparations and small changes around the house could also see a reduction in energy usage, which will not only improve sustainability but could also reduce the frequency of heating oil top-ups, saving money on your heating bills.


Heating Oil Tank TLC


Start with some maintenance checks on your heating oil storage tank. If your home has an above ground tank, make sure the path to it and the surrounding area is clear; meaning easy access for you, any heating oil deliveries, or in the case that any maintenance needs to be performed. Also, make sure to check for any damage, rust, and that all gauges, pipes, and fittings are in good working condition.


Seal Crack and Leaks


Once the outside temperature starts to drop, heated air becomes a valuable commodity meaning you won’t want to lose any of it. In order to prevent this, make sure to seal off all air leaks, such as areas around windows and door frames. Caulking or weather stripping can be sued to seal any cracks or gaps that you may come across.


Identify Oil Tank Leaks


Ensure the base, pipes and fixtures are not cracked or broken, as with the cold weather these issues could worsen quickly. An oil leak can have serious consequences for both your home and the environment, so it is important to maintain a well-kept tank.


Refill Your Tank


It’s recommended to refill your tank before the possibility of snow, as sometimes even a light dusting can cause conditions that prevent deliveries. Check your tank levels and order early to avoid the winter rush.


For any questions or concerns regarding your heating oil tank, make sure to contact JS Tank Removal. JS Tank Removal is owned and operated in Prince George’s County. We specialize in the installation, removal and maintenance of all aboveground and underground oil storage tanks throughout Maryland.

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