3 Steps to Improving Your Heating System
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As the winter months approach and the cold weather moves in, you may ask yourself, is it time to get my heat checked? The answer to that is yes, but here are some tips you can follow to make sure your system is running smoothly.

1. Bleed radiators and change filters
The first tip we have for you is to let your radiators bleed, especially if you have hot water radiators. This means that at the beginning of the cold months, let your heat blow at full blast, warming up the system. You also need to change your filters as it improves the airflow and heating of the house. You should check your filters monthly, making sure they are not clogged.

2. Improve efficiency
After taking care of the system itself, investing in a programable thermostat can help you become more energy efficient while saving money. These thermostats can program themselves which help cut down on the overall cost of heating.

3. Keep the air moving
Ceiling fans can be used in the winter as a way to distribute heat throughout your house. Using the small switch on the body of the fan to reverse the direction of the panels. When you don’t feel a breeze, it means the air is being pushed upwards, moving the warmer air down.

During these cold winter months, make sure your home’s heating system is running effectivity and efficient. If you’re having trouble, call JS Tank Removal for your heating tank needs.

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